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New SP ENERGYCODE COMPLEX hair treatment

Re-energise and transform your hair with the new ENERGYCODE COMPLEX from System Professional, exclusively at Zaks Hairdressing salons in Wolverhampton and Kingswinford.


A bespoke hair treatment designed just for you

“Using our new System Professional hair energy diagnostic tools and in-salon app we diagnose your hair’s energy profile,” explains Salon Owner Gary Edge.

“Then, with over 1000,000 possible care combinations, we prescribe a highly personalised treatment of ENERGYCODE COMPLEX. We’re getting some stunning results and clients are bowled over with the results.

“ENERGYCODE COMPLEX is a patented combination of five naturally occurring active lipids and other powerful ingredients that help restore the hair, reduce damage and improve manageability.”


The science behind ENERGYCODE COMPLEX

“Whilst keratin acts as hair’s main building block (96%), this new research has shown that lipids (only 4% of hair’s main building blocks), have a uniquely active influence upon hair, acting as a kind of flexible ‘cement’ to bind the keratin ‘bricks’.

Managing the right levels and condition of both keratin and lipids in an individual’s hair is the key to influencing its structure which ultimately will determine whether hair is smooth or frizzy, shiny or dull, limp or full of bounce” explains Dr. Ramon Grimalt, independent hair biologist and Professor of Dermatology at the University of Barcelona.


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Your free ENERGYCODE COMPLEX hair consultation

Hair with the right energy levels is manageable, glossy and alive with youthfulness and vitality.

To book your complimentary diagnostic ENERGYCODE COMPLEX consultation call our Wolverhampton salon on 01902 422746 or our Kingswinford salon on 01384 400315 or book online 24/7.



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